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   Think Like a Customer, Innovate, Optimize Results with Sue Cook 
        Author, Dynamic Business Coach and Inspirational Speaker

        As President of Travel Cruise Connections and Think Customer, Sue Cook knows what it takes to build customers for life and maximize profitability. Think Customer is a ground-breaking consulting practice pioneering innovative strategies to create customer-obsessed organizations. Sue is co-author, with Roger Dow, President/CEO of the Travel Industry of America, of Turned On: Eight Vital Insights to Energize Your People, Customers and Profits, a pragmatic guide to build customers for life, hire and keep great people and enhance shareholder value.  Sue is described as a no-nonsense business coach who thinks like a customer and tells it like it is.  She cuts through the hype of today's buzzwords and inspires action.

    Known for her elegant simplicity, timeless wisdom and hard-hitting advice, Sue will move you & your team to action. An innovator by design, a pragmatist at heart, Sue delivers results. Sue's compelling insights come from hands-on experience in high tech, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, financial services, small business, hospitality and travel industry. 

    Founder of Apple University, former President of The Tom Peters Group and co-founder of Discovery Camps with Jim Whittaker, Sue is well-known for moving leaders from insight to action. Speeches, seminars, executive retreats and strategic consulting feature pragmatic ideas to build an unassailable competitive advantage. 

    Speaking Topics at a Glance:

  • Tap into the Hearts and Minds of Women, Boomers and Gen Y to enhance your bottom line!
  • Creating Customer Evangelists-Not Just Numbers
  • Beyond Lip Service...How to WOW Your Customers
  • The Innovation Imperative: Create a Culture Where Great People and Great Ideas Thrive
  • The Travel and Hospitality Industry Service Conundrum

To inspire leaders to stretch their boundaries and their imagination, Sue recently co-founded Discovery Camps with Jim Whittaker, first American to summit Mt. Everest and former CEO of the outdoor retailing giant, REI.  Designed to foster radical innovation and creativity in business, Discovery Camps explore what it takes to drive the competition crazy and tap the full potential of people. Sue believes "there is no limit to the service, quality, and innovation that turned-on people can deliver.” 

Sue's Book
Turned On: Eight Vital Insights to Energize Your People, Customers and Profits       

Tom Peters: "Roger Dow and Sue Cook have put together a compelling road map on how to achieve the payoffs and possibilities that result from 'turned on' people...Filled with leadership lessons everyone can profit from".

Stephen Covey: "Anyone who reads Turned On will be charged to reclaim responsibility for their lives and the work they do. They inspired to find ways to do their life's work better".

Lou Holtz: Turned On offer timeless wisdom that is fun, inspirational and immediately available to your organization. It not only shows where to go but how to get there."


       Sue Cook
Customer Evangelist

2111 N. San Marcos Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93111

Dynamic Speaker and Facilitator

Executive Coach

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