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Sue Cook and Jim Whittaker have partnered to create the most challenging and life changing leadership retreats around! Guaranteed to tap into your spirit of adventure, innovation and build the leadership skills needed to thrive in the Global Marketplace. 

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Jim Whittaker
American Hero and Business Leader

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Discovery Camps and Leadership Retreats designed and lead by Sue Cook offer leaders on the rise, a unique set of experiences that extends their reach beyond the ordinary. At Discovery Camps you will explore and discover your own potential in an environment that is truly inspiring and challenging. Ultimately you become permanently part of a network of individuals who seek extraordinary achievement in their personal and professional lives. 

                         Challenge your assumptions and beliefs about leadership

                         Take stock of here you are on your leadership journey

                                Walk away with your personal blueprint of leadership

                                                    Some of Our Expert Guides

Jim Whittaker,
internationally renowned mountaineer, adventurer and environmentalist, is best known as the first American to summit Mt. Everest on May 1, 1963. Author of Life On The Edge a book that has inspired and challenged many leaders in America.
"We can all be grateful that Whittaker has finally put his extraordinary life on paper. Whittaker's story is a riveting saga of high adventure by one of history's greatest climbers." Robert F. Kennedy

Jim Kouzes, is a best selling author, an award winning speaker and according to the Wall Street Journal, on of the twelve best executive educators in the United States.
Join The Leadership Challenge, a global campaign to liberate the leader in everyone. We believe that teams, businesses--and even the world--get better when ordinary people enable those around them to achieve extraordinary things.

Guy Kawasaki, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, best selling author and Apple Fellow. He is one of the Apple employees originally responsible for marketing the Macintosh in 1984.

Mary O'Hara-Devereaux, futurist and President of Global Foresight providing focus on the extraordinary economic and social fault lines that are re-shaping the future of business, provides specific implications and actions you must take to thrive in this new future that will not resemble the past.

Robin Orr, MPH, Healthcare executive and internationally acclaimed for her work with Planetree, a patient advocy group and leader of Patient-Centered Care movement. Profiled in Hospitals and Health Networks magazine as one of the "top innovators and entrepreneurs in the healtcare industry" and recepient of the prestigous Change Maker Award given "for her leadership and dedication to creating life-enhancing environments in healthcare facilitites across the United States".

Steve Flowers, Principal IMS Responsible for the delivery of solutions and services to the Department of Defense (DoD) and other government clients. Mr. Flowers has more than 23 years of experience in the DoD and the Military Health System (MHS) Also published in the Journal of Healthcare Information and Management Systems, the Journal of Healthcare Management, and TOCReview. He served on the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award Board of Trustees (1998-2001) and as an Examiner (1998-1999). Prior to joining IMS, Mr. Flowers was the Chief Operating Officer for Synchronous Knowledge Inc.


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